Other Research Projects & Activities

This is a page for all the unusual collaborations and projects that the Agile Systems Lab works on and for the various projects Simon worked on before coming to Georgia Tech.

The convergent evolution of blinking in mudskippers and tetrapods

Approximately 360 million years ago, tetrapods colonized the terrestrial environment. This water-to-land transition is marked by a suite of behavioral ...
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Evolution of whale body size

How big were ancient whales? Body size is perhaps the most obvious functionally important feature of an organism, yet it ...
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Gecko adhesive hairs gets stickier the faster they slide

Frictional (a) and adhesive forces (b) of a gecko’s adhesive foot pads increase with increasing sliding velocity. Negative force in ...
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Flexible multielectrodes for recording from insect muscles

Six distinct motor unit recorded across the 8 electrode sites when the FMEA is inserted in to the coxa of ...
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How do geckos stick to almost any surface?

Why back when Simon was an undergraduate at Lewis & Clark College his first experience with the research in biomechanics ...
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